Summer ’15 Event Trends

This summer is going to be a period that features a shift towards events that are more environmentally friendly, more technologically sound, and offering healthier and more unique food options.

Here are some trending ideas to host your next event this summer:

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor evening events are a great opportunity for event organizers to showcase their skills and to give their event a seasonal glow. According to the US Department of Energy, LED lighting is seven times more efficient than conventional lighting and can last up to 25 times longer, so expect to see an upsurge in LED lighting as more and more event designers and venues integrate this cost-effective solution.

A more elegant option is using candles rather than electric light. Vegetable-based soy candles are the most economically-friendly option that can be easily mounted onto plates, glasses, trays, or bowls. A few candle shops that we recommend that offer soy-based candles are Maddison Avenue and Mallory’s Candles.

Outdoor Lighting

Going green

Expect a great deal of events to construct eco-friendly environments that encourage attendees to participate in the green movement. There are various ways that events can go green including reusing table numbers, replacing paper invites and agendas with digital ones, hosting multi-session events at the same location, donating leftovers, and encourage recycling.

Going Green

Tech integration

Tech integration will continue its ascent during Summer ’15 as it creates a more interactive event experience. Key elements of this adoption will include gamification, social media, reliable Wifi, and charging stations.

Gamification is valuable because it allows for people to have fun while accomplishing objectives. There are quite a few event gamification solutions including Live Cube, Gamify App, and Gather Digital. As far as social media, expect more events to feature hashtags. Hashtags and the wonderful, natural backdrops that summer brings will lead to more social sharing during the season.



Another idea is to host your event at a green restaurant. In New York City, there is a wide variety of options, many of which are quite upscale. An example is Del Posto in New York’s Meatpacking District, run by celebrity chef and entrepreneur Mario Batali, which not only serves green dishes, but also has committed to the triple bottom line — people, planet and profit — striving to be a paradigm of sustainability. They have even dedicated a section of their website showcasing their Green Restaurant Certification Standards (GRA points) in 6 different categories.

Green GRA Points

We anticipate an increase in fusion cuisine which includes plates from different regions, such as the mixture of Japanese and Mexican foods due to popular demand. Organic and gluten free options will also see a surge as these types of foods have been gaining popularity as they help people to lose weight and be healthier.


Applying the insights above will help event organizers to host trendy and memorable Summer ’15 events that are efficient, fun, and appetizing.