Diobox iOS App Version 2.0

Diobox lets event organizers manage guest lists, invitations, RSVPs, seating and check-in with all-inclusive iPhone and iPad app

The new release of Diobox simplifies the typical event management process by providing access to 5 core functionalities in a single iOS app, covering the entire event lifecycle. Diobox is also the first consumer event product that includes a built-in CRM for tracking guest history across events. While offering advanced features, Diobox provides a delightful user experience through thoughtful design and technology.

In an effort to eliminate the use of multiple products for hosting an event, Diobox releases a holistic platform by offering the following core functionalities:

  1. Guest List Management and Guest Profiling
  2. Emails Invitation Sending with Real-Time Delivery Tracking
  3. RSVP Pages Uniquely Customized for Each Guest
  4. Tables and Seating Assignment with Support for Waitlists
  5. Check-In and Door Operations with Support for Plus-Ones


Together, these tools help the event professional at every stage of the planning process. But what differentiates Diobox from other event products is that it includes a built-in module for Client Relationship Management (CRM), storing guest preferences and guest activities. The Diobox CRM also tracks guest history across events and provides meaningful analytics in a “Guest Scorecard” screen. For example, if the same guest is invited to more than 1 event, Diobox will automatically reveal the number of invitations, total spend, attendance records, and even no-shows. This data provides invaluable insight to the event staff, helping them make smart decisions on the spot.

Key Advantages

  • Real-time sync between multiple iOS devices and web app.
  • Merging duplicate guests through the import process.
  • Common-sense permission settings, i.e.: hiding sensitive guest information from the door staff.
  • Auto enhance guest profiles – using guest email addresses to obtain photos, names, titles, companies, and social links.
  • Offline Mode allows users to work without an Internet connection, as Diobox stores all changes locally and automatically syncs as soon as the device is reconnected – all without interruption.


Pricing and Availability

A free version is available for events up to 50 guests. Paid plans start at $79/event and can be purchased on the web app or through an iOS in-app purchase. Subscription plans are also available for unlimited events.

Diobox provides the functionality of multiple products while costing less than any one of them. For additional pricing information and a compare chart, see: http://www.diobox.com/pricing/


About Diobox

Diobox was created by event professionals frustrated with having to use antiquated software that made the planning process more complicated. It offers an all-in-one platform for guest lists, sending email invitations, publishing and tracking RSVPs, managing tables, and checking-in guests, with a built-in CRM. But Diobox is much more than just offering features – it’s about simplifying the convoluted process of managing events with a beautiful and functional design.

For more information, visit diobox.com or download on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/diobox/id889676302