Dazzle Your Guests with Unusual Entertainment

Choosing creative entertainment for your event is integral for making memorable and exciting experiences for your attendees.


Burlesque shows are an edgy way to keep your attendees entertained and relishing their experience. The cabaret vibe will transport everyone back to the 1940s when burlesque was a magnificent extravaganza and an experience like no other. Between the beautiful dancers and the entertaining music, your attendees will be mesmerized, glad that they came, and looking forward to your next event.

A typical performance at The Box, which is as unsual as it gets


Renting a photo booth, such as MVS Studio or CrashMyEvent, is a fun addition to your event that will allow attendees the opportunity to engage with others. It will also make the event more memorable since the attendees will have photos they can keep as reminders of the great connections they made during your event. If you’re hosting a company event, a photo booth is an excellent way to grow existing relationships among co-workers. Their photos can be kept at home or in their workspaces and will serve as a reminder of their awesome experience.

Photo booth showcase of Crash My Event


If you’re looking to spice up your event and create an exciting vibe, fire performers are the perfect solution. Your invitees will jump at the opportunity to see a live fire show. Many times, fire performers are also accomplished dancers, so the entertainment will be a complete and an impressive act for your event.

A dancing with fire performance

If you think it would be difficult to book fire shows, think again! Take a look at GigSalad to find lots of fire dancing acts in your area!


Unique entertainment will grab the attention of your attendees. Having an unusual act will create buzz around your event and help your event stand out. An exceptional example of an unusual and unique act is, The Bumbys. In this act, participants stand in front of the entertainers while they type out a warm, funny, and personalized narrative that playfully describes how each person’s appearance is read by the world.

The Bumbys doing their thing at the Guess Hotel party

Integrating one or more of these creative and unusual entertainment ideas into your event will take the attendee experience from good to great, it’ll boost your brand’s reputation, and it will be something the attendees will be buzzing about after the event.