iOS App Version 1.5 Released

What’s New

  • Adds 3D Touch support for Peek and Pop on the iPhone 6s to all key areas of the app: (1) previewing guests with check-in shortcuts without actually having to open them, (2) previewing guest activities, and (3) previewing event details with shortcuts for cloning and deleting the event
  • Improved 3D Touch for using Quick Actions from the Home screen to jump to recent events
  • Adds Support modal for contacting the Diobox team and accessing other resources directly from the app
  • Significant improvements to the sign out process to help preserve unsynced changes
  • Improvements to Guest Profile on iPhone when entering phone numbers
  • Improvements to iPad dashboard on event day
  • Fixes a label color mismatch when guest was checked-in after a search
  • Fixes an issue where guest count wasn’t updated after an import